AGR LogoBrainchild of my husband and fellow artist, Radmer Lenasch, Art-Go-Round, or AGR, is an art event like no other.  Simply put, AGR is a group exhibition and live team painting event. Grandly put, AGR lights colorful fires under peoples artistic asses….opening minds, hearts, and imaginations to the real potential of creative collaboration.

Our motivation? To connect artists and inspire creativity.

Our first AGR was held on Jeju Island, South Korea in 2014.Our 2015 event manifested itself on the coconut cliffs of Varkala in Kerala, India. 2016 will find us in our hometown of Durban, South Africa…feeding our roots before we venture off onto another continent!

Our aim is to make AGR an annual global phenomenon, hosting events in every corner of this creative planet.

AGR 2015     Varkala, India

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AGR 2014     Jeju, South Korea