2016 marked the beginning of my and my husband’s careers as full-time self-employed creatives. We’d spent the last few years saving up for this big event.  The reward has been a “grace period” of 6 paycheck free months during which we’ve had the freedom to simply do what we love to do!

The aim is to develop ourselves as artists and entrepreneurs,  and hone our creative output into something practical and income-inducing.

Can we make a living from our art? Good question. Watch this space…

The year started with a clear vision for my first canvas. The result is “Ravens”, my first painting as a full-time artist! Acrylic on canvas. I went big with a 80 x 100 cm canvas, the largest that I’ve ever worked on. And I surrendered myself to the composition.

Ravens - 2016
Ravens – 2016

I received the idea, like a postcard, during a trip to India in 2015, inspired by my daily encounters with the dark, inquiring scavengers. Beautiful mythological creatures! And I’d held it there until the time was finally right to put paintbrush to canvas.

So thank you universe for providing such clear inspiration to get my 2016 creative ball rolling!

With love and surrender to the creative flow,


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  1. Christine Leonard says:

    Good luck Tatum. Wishing you the best in your new venture. Xx

  2. Gabi Brown says:

    Beautiful painting! Good luck on your courageous and inspirational journey. You have mad skills, lady 🙂

  3. Chelsea says:

    Beautiful. Sending you love and light. May abundance flow to you xxx

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