Donate Eye


This painting was inspired by a strange ad I saw on the back of a school notebook in India. Next to “save paper, plant trees” and “donate blood” ads was one that simply said “donate eye”. I’m guessing it’s an ad promoting the donation of corneas? Strange that it is on a school notebook.

The idea of “donate eye” was an imagination explosion for me. What does it mean to donate one’s eyes? Imagine being able to see the world through someone else’s eyes…or donating my vision of the world to a stranger.  Would you know me then? Could I be awakened to a new identity? What would “I” see and be willing to re-see?

Am I what you see?

You are only what I seem to see

You seem to be…

But mine is not a seamless vision

Until we have shared eyes

Dissolved the “I”s

Let’s try

Let’s donate eye

Here’s to seeing with more than just the “I”!

With love and peace,


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